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Order a taxi easily & feel comfortable within your ride or deliver your staff wherever you want

  • OmanTaxi With our taxi service, you can travel comfortably and hassle-free. Just download our app and request a taxi anywhere, at anytime. Simply choose your destination, book a ride, meet your captain and enjoy an affordable trip.
  • Delivery Need to have a package picked up or delivered quickly? Its on us. No more from scheduling your delivery, you can have anything picked up or purchased whenever you need. (Coming Soon)

Top Reasons, Why OMANTAXI!

We keep it as simple & smart as it could be, to provide you the most comfortable, practical & affordable services …

  • Favorite Captain Save the captain who made you comfortable during the trip in the favorite captain list.
  • Live track Share your trip with your family & friends, or follow your shipments from the moment it departs until it reaches the destination.
  • Multi Shipments By combining multiple shipments in one trip, match your shipments with the most suitable vehicle for your needs.
  • Ambassador We reward you for your loyalty, just invite your friends & family to register & take a trip with us

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Safety & Trust

At OmanTaxi, safety & trust is our top priority. Through our app, you can easily access your captain's details at any time, providing you with peace of mind. Furthermore, you can contact your captain directly during your trip without revealing your personal phone number (Coming Soon). Share your joyful moments with your loved ones as you ride with us.


we offer a variety of transportation options to suit your needs. As we have the private & sharing taxi services, for one stop or multiple stops. We also provide taxi  booking on an hourly rate basis. Moreover, you can book for now or later & pay conveniently within multiple ways.

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Exclusive Features

With OmanTaxi you will enjoy exclusive services which are not available anywhere else in Oman such as Sharing Taxi services where you can share the taxi with other passengers and pay 35% less than actual fare.  Also, we are generous enough to CASH you BACk a real money after every trip, you can save that money to pay for your future trips. In addition, another way to enjoy trips with us is by having the same captain every time you request a new ride. All you need to do is save the captain in your favourite captain list and we will call him for you every time.

OmanTaxi app is not just a smart app, it's enjoyable trips...

Easy & Quick Registration

Let’s get you started! All you need is an email id, contact number or you can simply register and login using your social media credentials. Whether you want to make money being our captain or register as a User – Fill in the necessary details and follow the instructions and you are all set to access the app services

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