Terms & Conditions

Registering in Ubar Smart Cities system, whether through the website www.omantaxi.om or through our smartphone applications, constitutes your explicit acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. Therefore, we suggest that you read and understand it fully in order to know your rights.

All of the defined and capitalized terms in these T&Cs will have the meaning assigned to them here below:
1. "Ubar", "company", "we", "our" or "us" refers to Ubar Smart Cities llc.
2. "User" and "Users" refers to the user, rider, partner, hotel, organization or any other user - but not service providers - who is registered and authorized to login to our system In order to use our services.
3. "Service provider", "Driver" and "Leaders" refers to the person or entity who provides services to our users.
4."Request" or "Request Now" refers to "Service Order by User".

1. We are a licensed and authorized company to provide a delivery things - including Taxi on Demand - service from point to point within the geography of the Sultanate of Oman.
2. We provide our services through web-based system, smartphone apps and KIOSK.
3. All disputes arising between our company and service providers or users are resolved according to the laws of the Sultanate of Oman only.
4. In case of any dispute between the user and the service provider, we will intervene to resolve the dispute between the two parties in order to resolve the issue. But if the dispute turns into a judicial dispute, we will not bear in any circumstances during or after the end of the court ruling.
5. OmanTaxi should cancel or stop all services without prior notification in the event of a declared national instruction or emergency. OmanTaxi does not bear the circumstances of stopping the service in such cases.
6. Accounts can't be transfer to any other users or service providers without written permission by us. In such cases, OmanTaxi has the full rights to STOP or SUSPEND the account permanently.
7. All information and details provided by our users and service providers in the registration process, or when you use any OmanTaxi service are true, accurate and up-to-date at all times. OmanTaxi reserves the right to suspend any accounts with fake information.
8. In all cases and under any circumstances, our company, our partners or service providers who work for us may not disclose the information of users. The user has the right to take any legal action in such cases. In all cases, our company does not bear any responsibility if our partners or service providers disclose users' information.
9. Although we are committed to protect and preserve your personal information and activities, we may share your information and activities with government entities for official processes such as statistical research, crime investigation or court requests. This is standard condition according to the law of Sultanate of Oman.
10. We NEVER save user's credit/debit card information in our server side. This critical financial information will be SAVED securely in the payment gateway's server side in order to prevent any leak of information.
11. In the event that the services provided by OmanTaxi are disrupted for technical reasons, whether inside or outside the company, or for reasons beyond our control, we do not bear any financial or legal consequences in relation to the rights of third parties.
12. OmanTaxi might change this terms and conditions any time.

1. User is responsible about any transactions being made through his/her OmanTaxi account.
2. Users must order a suitable car size for the number of users and luggage. The driver keeps the right to cancel the request if number of users or baggage exceeds the allowed limit.
3. In some enclosed areas it is difficult to determine your pickup point. You may need to check that your location is correct and accurate before you request the service. If the service provider is late in reaching you, that is out of his control.
4. Once the user sends the request, it means that he is committed to all the resulting obligations and agreed with the charges. Therefore, please take your time and study the tariff before submitting your request.
5. If any of your personal belongings are lost in the taxi or by our service provider, we will do our best to recover the lost items, include providing all information the police may need for investigation. However, in all cases, we regret to inform you that we do not bear any responsibility in case of losing items, as this is a personal fault by the user.
6. OmanTaxi does not allow any vehicle to provide riding services unless it holds a government license, and has valid insurance against injuries and death in order to save the rights of the users. But, it may happen in rare cases that the driver or vehicle's license or insurance is expired, and for any reason it has not been stopped from providing the service to the users. In this case, the service provider bears all the financial and legal consequences resulting from that, and is solely responsible for compensating the users for injuries or death resulting in the accident. OmanTaxi does not bear any legal or financial circumstances as a result of the lack of valid insurance, as this is the service provider's personal behavior.
7. According to the law, drinking or carrying alcoholic liquids in public places including taxis is absolutely prohibited in the Sultanate of Oman. Therefore, the passenger is forbidden from drinking any kind of alcohol, drug use or commit immoral behavior while riding the taxi.
8. The user is responsible for the traffic violations caused by him/her, such as throwing empty bottles or tissue papers out of a vehicle window. In these cases, the passenger shall bear the amount of the traffic violation, as determined by the traffic police.
9. If the trip stops before reaching the destination due to a mechanical failure in the vehicle, or due to a dispute with the driver and the cause of this is the driver, the user is entitled to refund all fees paid by him for the trip or service.
10. If the user or service provider cancels the booking repeatedly within a short period of time, OmanTaxi system will consider it as fake user behavior and it will suspend the account automatically. In such cases please contact us. 
11. The user has the right to cancel the trip if he/she feels that there is a threat to his/her safety, and he also reserves the right to refund all the amounts already paid.
12. As we protect the user's rights, we also do protect the driver rights. Treating taxi drivers provided to you through OmanTaxi app with respect and not to cause damage to their taxi, threatening, harassing or abusive behavior. User will be responsible to cover damages cost.
13. The following practices might case a restriction to your account:
A. Requesting a Sharing taxi for a specific number of riders and ride with more than specified number.
B. Adding a location and then change it to another location in the sharing taxi.
C. Asking the captain to wait during the trip in the sharing taxi.

1. All tariffs mentioned and generated through our website or our smartphone apps that we or our services providers collected from users is licensed and approved by the government.
2. All tariffs mentioned and generated through our website or our smartphone apps are ESTIMATED and might be deferent during or after the ride. The final tariffs that you need to pay depends on many factors such as traffic, road condition or weather conditioned.
3. The tariff calculation based on the distance and the ride time, or depends on the distance in some cases such as Taxi sharing Service.
4. OmanTaxi gives the user a specific time to cancel the request without incurring any financial expenses. In the event that the request is canceled after the specified time has expired, the user will have to bear a fee as a result.
5. In some cases, the service provider (Captain) also reserves the right to cancel bookings. If the user does not agree with the cancelation reason OmanTaxi will investigate and take final decision and it should be accepted by all parties.
6. If there are sums of money that the user has not paid in the previous period, the company has the right to prevent the user or service provider from using our services.
7. When there are previous dues on the user, the company has the right to deduct those amounts directly from the user's credit/debit card without prior permission from the user.
8. An additional fee might be applied if the user has not shown since the taxi's arrival time in the user location.  
9. An additional fee might be applied if the user asks the driver to pull over for shopping or for any other reasons.
10. An additional fee might be applied for toll or entering fees in some areas and places.
11. OmanTaxi, does not reserve right to withdraw any amount from user or service provider's credit/debit card for any charges and/or under any reason does not mentioned in OmanTaxi's booking system or OmanTaxi's smartphone apps without written permission by the user or service provider.

1. OmanTaxi has the full right to restrict, suspend or terminate any account including service providers and users, and prevent it from using our services in the future, if it shows a determination to deliberately violate this terms and conditions.

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